Bulk SMS Marketing: How Big Brands Are Winning Customers

Nowadays most companies have found a new way to use SMS services to add to the traditional confirmation and announcement uses. SMS marketing is on the rise as many businesses strive to boost their sales and it has been aided by the most obvious reason. Everybody is with their phones almost all the time and people tend to stay near their phones hence pay attention to messages. To business owners SMS marketing will supplement Email and social media marketing.

This new form of marketing is cost effective as SMS sending fees are generally low. You only need to write a single message and you can send it to a large number of people even those who may not be interested in your product but may in future consider them. Lets look at some ways that businesses like Onyx LA have revolutionized branding through SMS marketing.

1. Use of SMS marketing to assess who is still engaged with your business
It is easy for business owners to see which of their customers are still engaging with their business and also enables them to keep a record of these customers without extra costs. For example a message inviting a customer to collect a discount will help know who are still on board by seen how many people will respond to the offer.

2. Using SMS to run surveys
Surveys are an essential component of any successful business. Customers have been known to dislike long surveys hence it is important to make surveys as short as possible. SMS marketing offers ideal survey solutions because the surveys are neither too short nor too long.

3. SMS marketing enables business to know who their main advocates or promoters are.
Simple questions such as asking your customers to rate you or recommend your products to others will go a long way. “It helps your business grow because the 40% who respond are your promoters hence you will focus more on them by offering tips and giving them first hand information on available products or offers,” said Tom Mackerel from Textedly.

4. Use SMS to supplement Direct Mail
Customers will always prefer to shop where they are given incentives. Sending an SMS within 24 hours of delivery offering the customer with an incentive will boost your brand and sales. Direct mail should be used as the box while SMS should be used as the key.

A brand takes time to build however using SMS marketing for branding purposes will make it easier for you to make a create a brand easily saving on branding costs.