How To Put a Backup Camera on Your Older Car To Make It Safer

Theoretically when you buy a backup camera system, what you are hoping is that it will give you a better view of what is going on behind your vehicle; and it will as long as you had it installed properly and that the screen is mounted in a convenient location where you feel most comfortable viewing it. Following are tips for installing a backup camera on your car.

Obviously the first step is to find an appropriate camera for your car. If you research online you will find systems that can be used universally as well as ones made for specific makes and models. There will also be a difference based on the type of automobile you own. For non-cars you will want to be specifically getting a truck or RV backup camera.

A lot of backup camera systems will run through the car battery. For this reason, you need to disconnect the battery removing the negative cable. Wire the camera based on the instructions that come with it. When it is wired you then have to decide where you want to put the lens and the monitor.

Many people will choose to place the vehicle’s lens on or around the back bumper or on top of the vehicle at the back. Depending on where you put it you may have to drill a hole through the exterior. Use the appropriate tools so as not to destroy the outside shell, because you will have to pay to repaint it. Mount the camera using the kit it came with. Make sure it is attached tightly and that it won’t budge. Attach that power cable from the battery to the back-up light’s power cable. You can do this by splicing the wires together with wire strippers. Make sure you don’t damage them, just simply intertwine them so that the electric current will be consistent. When in doubt, contact a professional like the Tadi Brothers for assistance.

The most common places for the monitor are on the dashboard, the sun visor, and in the rear view mirror. Test each spot and pick your preference. Once again, refer to the instructions and use the mounting gear given with the set. The output wire should connect to the monitor.

Once that is all safely connected, then reconnect the negative cable to the battery. Everything is completed. As long as it seems to be working you are set. You have officially set up your very own backup camera system. Take pride in your hard work and patience. Now, go out and drive safely.