Tips For A Strong And Healthy Spine

The spine is a very important part of the body that supports our upper body and helps keep us upright. Here are some great tips to help you maintain a strong and healthy spine for life.

1) Stay active physically

Staying active and keeping on moving your body can help you maintain a strong spine. The best workouts or exercises to do are those that involve aerobic activity, strengthening, and stretching. If most of the time, you stay stagnant or physically inactive, this will cause your spine to weaken and acquire some issues.

2) Lift things properly

Lifting things or objects improperly, especially those that are heavy, can put stress on your spine and damage it. The proper way to lift things is to keep the object as close to you as possible, bend your knees, pick it up and support it with your arms and hands, and then use your knees and legs to lift it rather than you upper body or your back. If it is too heavy, ask for assistance.

3) Keep your body hydrated

The body needs to be hydrated well in order to keep the spine discs from shrinking, which could lead to painful spinal conditions such as herniated discs and sciatica. Moreover, keeping the body hydrated helps in maintaining the fluidity and elasticity of the spine. Always remember to drink plenty of water and fluids every day to stay hydrated.

4) Manage your body weight

When you gain too much weight, it can expose you to risks such as lower back pain, stress, and other spinal problems. The best way to keep your spine healthy for life is to manage your body weight and maintain it at healthy or normal levels.

5) Be smart when you work

Some jobs require you to sit down and work on a computer all day long. Some jobs require you to do hard labor which can also impact your body’s structural health. What you need to do is to remember to work smart. If you have an office job, make sure to stretch out every once in a while. If you have a physically demanding job, make sure to do it by carefully following the proper body form.

6) Seek medical attention when in doubt

Are you feeling any pain on your spine? Do not ignore it. You should immediately seek medical attention when you feel something serious regarding your back and spine. There are many health care providers, including, that provide information and offer services to help you maintain a strong and healthy spine for life.